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By James Brown 10 Dec, 2017

We are proud to announce that the pilot episode of ‘The Device’ is complete. JiB Productions are now working to gain the interest of industry professionals in an attempt to produce more episodes.
We will be posting the trailer early in 2018, but for now take a look at the #official poster, created by the talented Nathan David Ward

James Brown | Davide Tucci | Ava West | Jamie Robertson | Maurisa Selene Coleman | Mathew Delorenzi-Waters | Chester Yang | Suzie Houlihan | Sajid Varda | Roger Irvin Dunn | Paige Cowan-Hall | Daniel Cognolato | Glen Bryan | Andrew Quist | Gemma Simmonds | Livi Leppard | Mark Thompson

By James Brown 01 Nov, 2017
We will be updating this site regularly, but to keep up to date with the day-to-day happenings of 'The Device' make sure you are following us on Facebook.  Search @whatisthedevice to find the Official page.

By James Brown 11 Aug, 2017

Writer, Producer and Director, James Brown, Composer and Sound Designer, Jamie Robertson and Co-Director, Chester Yang busy in Mauve Studios.

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